Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kovalam becoming my favorite spot in Trivandrum?

Yesterday I had my second visit to Kovalam in three weeks. First with a friend and then with my colleagues, I thoroughly enjoyed both outings. May be my relentless affection to seafood is keeping me all cheered up when I am at Kovalam. The tempting smell of fish,prawns,squid and crabs being fried,barbecued, etc makes me feel I am famished till i stuff myself with all the delicacies.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Revamping the blog

I had really enjoyed writing the the first few posts of this blog, it was long time back and my lack of high-speed internet connection acted as a real party spoiler. Now that I have got my express connection on track, I believe I could pour out my heart more often here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

An escape from chaos - Travelogue

I have been planning to go on a short escapade since two months. Finally we(Our gang- Doodu, Harish, Me and the ever elusive member Renju) got a few days of continuous off from our jobs (Easter & Vishu clubbed with weekend). We planned the trip in two weeks advance. Doodu arranged a con-call in between all four of us and we finally decided the destination as "Vagmon", a hill station which is just two hours drive from our city, Kottayam. (If anyone is wondering what is this thing called "Doodu", just to clarify your doubts... he is a human being, or so he claims. But anyway he is my friend and the dudes' official name is Pradeep)

Despite several attempts to find a decent accommodation in Vagamon, we were not able to reserve a room until the preceding day of trip. However we were promised an accommodation by Doodu's uncle in the campus of DC School of Management which is located near Vagamon.

As I hinted afore the ever elusive member of our gang conveniently pulled out of the trip just a few days before the trip. Cementing his position as the "elusive element in our group".

We started the trip on Sunday (Arpil 12th) Morning. of course, much later than the intended time, because our sleep is most precious to us. Doodu had maintained his car in the best possible condition by rectifying all the mechanical issues the old Zen had. Not because its a long trip, but it can be bit of a punishing trip for an old vehicle considering all the hill trail that we have to cover.

After 45 minutes of traveling we made a strategic pit stop in the City of "Pala" to replenish our resources. The hill trail from the city of Eratupettah to Vagamon was beautiful with deep gorges appearing on one side of the road and equally high hillocks forming an intimidating wall on the other side. Overall the weather was wonderful and it was a welcome relief from the scorching summer heat in the city. The breeze always had a cool touch and the greenery in the valley and distant hills were forming a song for our eyes, which otherwise would be getting tired in front of the LC Displays.

The first place we visited in Vagamon was the Grass Lands which are bald hills lacking any tall or thick vegetation, but with a covering of even and lush growth of tender green grass. We really enjoyed this acres of natural green carpet. Then we went to Pine Forest which is as perfect as an European picture post card.

The view of hundreds of pine trees in standing in straight lines growing tall and reaching the sky was really an awesome spectacle. After a short stroll and clicking a few pictures we went to the nearby resort to have our lunch. We ordered mixed fried rice, chilly chicken and chilly fish. After a waiting period which felt like eternity the food was served. The taste was nothing commendable and the service was lukewarm. The best thing was the price, which can be simply explained as nothing but atrocity.

The next destination was suicide point which is almost a 3-4 KM deviation from the main road. The road to the point is narrow and rocky and we had no intention to check the suspension system and ground clearance of our little ZEN. We parked it in a safe spot and walked. Doodu, even though is the least agile guy in our group was most enthusiastic to walk because he had spotted a couple of ice cream vendors in the long twisting trail towards the suicide point. While myself and Harish were enjoying the beauty of the grass lands and valleys on the way, Doodu had his destination already entered in his built-in GPS system as the ice cream vendor. while polishing off the mango bars which left our lips orange colored we reached the Suicide point.

It was a humbling and breathtaking site. The steep gorge just appears as if its cut out of a huge hill. We walked following the edge of the ravine and enjoyed the strong wind and the breathtaking and almost scaring view of the unprotected cliffs.

Bidding goodbye to the beautiful hillocks we traveled to "pullikannam" where our accommodation was arranged. A 20 minute drive from Vagamon took us to the DC Management school campus which sits in an aesthetically stunning valley full of tall trees and coffee and tee plants. Our accommodation was arranged in the guest house which is located in the top most point of one of the hill onlooking the Management schools' buildings. The view from our room was simply gorgeous, the forest canopy and the tee plantations in the distant hills were making the view picture perfect.

We had our dinner from the Schools canteen. Although we were expecting something remotely close to a seven course dinner; what we had was rice soup, chutney, papad, pickle and a dish made out of small gram. But the food was much better than any seven course dinner. It was lite on stomach and soothing on our taste buds. Later we had a small party in our comfortable guest house. The choice of drink was perfect. Well, Smirnoff just cant go wrong...along with the memories of a beautiful and recharging day I slipped in to a content and reassuring (and occasionally snoring) sleep only to get up in the morning and start our journey back to busy schedules and chaos....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An escape from chaos

Hi, soon will be posting a travelogue of our (with my friends Harish & Doodu) two day trip to "Vagamon" (a picturesque hill station in Kerala).

Footprints in the sand

"Footprints in the sand"...They don't last forever, they are either blown away by the wind or washed away by the waves ...but whenever I see it even for a moment, I get nostalgic about the people and events that left impressions in my heart, impressions that may have got washed away eventually by the consistent flow of time and events....To capture those magic moments forever, an attempt to create my blog, "thechroniclesofSiD".